I was amazed at the changes in our dogs after just one session.  I have owned dogs since I was a kid (30+ years ago) and have trained 2 of my dogs to be ‘Therapy dogs.’  As knowledgeable as I was (or thought I was), Gene trained me to be so much better.

My toy Poodle and Cocker Spaniel were both well behaved (when they wanted to be) and had no significant problems.  The bottom line is: We (my wife and I) are much happier after learning Genes’ methods, and so are our dogs.

I had a hard time being firm with my dogs, but Gene taught me that dogs, like children, need boundaries (no jumping or other inappropriate behavior should be allowed at any time).  I learned this (and much more) from him.  I highly recommend Gene, he’ll be very helpful and more than worth the reasonable fee he charges.  I found out that I was really the cause of any bad behavior, and that I needed to be trained much more than our dogs.

– David  Tucson, Arizona

When Gene asked me if I’d write a testimonial for him, I welcomed the opportunity to tell everyone how much I appreciate what he’s done for me.

I live in a quiet gated community and was always anxious that my dog was disturbing the neighbors. A high energy Miniature Dobie, he’d bark constantly and jump at the fence at any passerby. After only two sessions I could rest easy and Toby is now well behaved. I learned how to address his energy with Gene’s positive training methods. My neighbors thought I bought a new dog. I continue to use Gene’s valuable lessons for any little behavior problem that comes up. For the money and the results, I think I found the best trainer in Arizona.

Heather  Scottsdale, Arizona

We have a little basset hound named Tobi.  She liked to rush the door when people came over and then jump on them.  She is very affectionate and just wanted to be petted, but jumping on people is inappropriate behavior and we did not want that to continue.  When Gene came to work with her, he took charge immediately and Tobi responded right away.  After just one session, she knows what is expected and even though she still likes people to come in and still likes to be petted, she is much better behaved.  Gene was very professional and spent time teaching us how to effectively work with Tobi.  He asked a lot of questions so that he could tailor that instruction to what would best help us.  I would recommend Gene to anyone.  He treats animals firmly and with respect and they respond beautifully to his training.

Kaylene  Tucson, Arizona

Gene has been an incredible trainer and has become a great friend. He has helped my puppy Boxer learn to calm down and respond to commands. I thought I knew so much about dogs before having Gene work with me. It is amazing to think that dogs are such a large focus in the human world and yet we know so little about how to connect with them. Gene knows how to create that connection so that they respect you and you become the alpha. I would recommend calling Gene or if you live in Tucson to use his services. He is very reasonable and very personable and continues to help me in my adventures with my puppy.

Dede Tucson, Arizona

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